Elena Damiani

This is a quote from a book by the Finnish-American architect and designer Eero Saarinen referring to his design for the Dulles International Airport. I removed and kept the phrase in 2008 hoping that it will become useful for future work, however I carried the book with me from much earlier on, probably since 2005. I bought it in a second-hand book market in Lima and brought it with me when I moved to London, and now it is back in Lima while most of my stuff is in a storage space in Denmark. Later, I will most probably bring it with me to Copenhagen, since I’m moving there in a couple of months.

Saved in the last sleeve of a portfolio where I collect bits and pieces that potentially could become handy, this slogan seems to endure, immobile through time. Most of the other bits have already been used, exchanged or tossed away after a while, but this one remains there.