Luca Frei

Advertisement for the symposium Computers and Arts: Musik - Painting - Three-dimensional Films, published in the last issue of the Gravesaner Blätter review. The symposium was unrealised due to the studio founder Hermann Scherchen’s death in June that year.  

Scherchen used his home to reach an architectural ideal for sound play, recording and transmission, and to host symposiums and summer courses. Graveseno became also a residency for musicians, sound engineers and many different kinds of practitioners. In his own words, “Graveseno is a completely independent conception. That means free from a higher authority dictating what is allowed to happen and what’s not allowed to happen. There are no working hours, no time limits on the use of the equipment, and no discriminations based on nationality, religion or race.” The studio’s activities and the results from the experiments, as well as the summaries of the symposiums, were documented in the Gravesaner Blätter, published between 1955 and 1966 in German and English. The wide range of subjects included concert hall acoustics, the tuning of instruments, loudspeaker systems, compositional technique and aesthetics, psychoacoustics, and music sociology.