Margaret Salmon

I sometimes read the Herald Tribune when they stock it in the local Coop (maybe it appeals to my sense of being an American living abroad or perhaps it's the beauty of the old fashioned layout and b&w images). I find articles, run out of reading time and end up ripping them out and pocketing them, forgetting what I so urgently needed to finish. But Meyerowitz's image, torn off from an article in the paper, has lingered, has become a friend, hanging on the studio wall above my desk, an emblem of all the things I love about photography & film. I've been making 'street' films for over a decade now – and in many ways the street is what excites me most as an image-maker. The uncertainty, the spectacle, the normality, the spontaneity. When I go out to film or photograph, I'm throwing caution to the wind and opening myself up to possibility – a gleaner, a hunter, an explorer. My choices and movements become a kind of performance. With my wide lens and 'old fashioned' camera, I stand boldly watching [no telephoto, thanks], looking, seeing, reacting, etc. and, more often then not, I become the spectacle – the object of interest, another curiosity on the street.