Nuria Fuster

This book is one of my big influences. It helps me to touch upon the most physical side of reality. I changed the cover for one photograph from Basilica de San Marcos in Venice because it has the same deep and complex charge looking at the world.


The Half-Finished Heaven (Den halvfärdiga himlen) 

Despondency breaks off its course.

Anguish breaks off its course.

The vulture breaks off its flight. 

The eager light streams out,

even the ghosts take a draught. 

And our paintings see daylight,

our red beasts of the ice-age studios. 

Everything begins to look around.

We walk in the sun in hundreds. 

Each man is a half-open door

leading to a room for everyone. 

The endless ground under us. 

The water is shining among the trees. 

The lake is a window into the earth. 

From Tomas Tranströmer, New Collected Poems, translated by Robin Fulton (Bloodaxe Books, 1997/2011)