Steve Bishop

Bally was made in Germany by an amateur game maker in 1989 called Oliver Wagner. It was one of those floppy discs with loads of games on. I remember playing it on my older brother's Amiga. It was actually Bally III, the sequel but as far as I can tell Bally I - IV were all essentially the same just with different colours. I kept thinking of the game when I would think about making compositions as a result of some other process, in this hard edged, on/off kind of way. No curves, only right angles, no diagonals. The idea of truncating space and the resulting shapes made in this way was something I kept mentally referring back to. 

Also, it was all in German and when you completed a level it said some heavily digitized word to congratulate you. I only realised playing it last year for the first time in a long time that it said ''Geil'' literally meaning ''horny''.