Tamarin Norwood

This is the tabletop in my studio at the moment. I found it round the back of the building and I think it's an off-cut from something. I don't know what the pen marks mean. The surface of the work table has always been important to the way I write and the way I make artwork. It isn't a particular quality of any given tabletop, but rather the more general way that the surface of a table has flatness, and the way its edges squarely delimit the scope of what it might hold. This circumscribed flatness reminds me of the flatness of the page, upon which marks form meanings by their relation to one another and to the edges of the paper. It's a parallel that has long exerted a strong pressure on my artwork and writing, with the tabletop pressing the things on its surface — pen, paper, umbrella, sewing machine — to correspond on a contained and even plane.